Flamenco Room

Strength and “duende“ in the past and in the present. I stop clockwise, close my eyes and feel the splendid harmony of a land shrouded of sun and sea, of red earth, green olive, breeze sweet and light smelling of wet earth singing art and customs remembering. That is where I want to be, where the joy stayed to live and admits all travelers.

A culture full of influences of great cultures defines the peculiarity of its character and its art that lasts in spite of the time, allowing itself to be influenced by the modernity and at the same time creating new forms where the old rejuvenates and creates new passions that find again what always was the source of sharing the emotion, deciphering the senses and living in community with the human spirit made of internal battles, where the force is shown shameless and ... Show more
Habitación Flamenco
Flamenco' room
Decoración española